среда, 3 октября 2012 г.

m-learning from ElearningPRO

Author: Konstantin Bugajchuk

15 ways to use your mobile phone for learning:

1) Check the forums and participate in online discussions (elearningpro) 
2) to store and edit the information in the documents to Google android ("Drive")
3) to learn foreign languages: English on lingualeo, use a dictionary, make cards for storing characters.
4) to study courses and pass tests in the corporate LMS from an external Internet
5) to use for the notification and synchronization of (calendar "learning" remote and classroom cases, training sessions)
6) view updates on Facebook, blogs, RSS Reader
7) copy information, which can be viewed "on the way" (in bus, in subway)
8) to answer calls, surveys of knowledge in audio format
9) write theses and abstracts at conferences
10) record quotes from books / articles
11) to use QR-codes
12) to participate in webinars
13) to read articles and books
14) capture insights
15) work with mail and.

What do you think about it. Do you have other ideas?
Thanks to Konstantin for translate this post

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